Happy New Year!

29 Apr
Another year has come to the end…  As with before, lots of interesting & memorable things happened during the course of hte year.  One of the biggest is that we have managed to open up a scooter shop/store!  It has long been a dream of opening up a store, and being able to do it with Shirley and her brother, along with the help of many friends, has been a huge blessing.  We did and learn a lot when we started renovating the place, and it’s a huge sense of accomplishment to be a part of this process.
There was also a trip with Shirley back to Taiwan in March, during which our families got together and had dinner.  I also had a chance to go Vietnam with my parents and their Rotary friends.  It was an eye-opening experience for me.  The trip made me realized how luck I actually am, to be able to afford a lot of the things I take for granted before.
It was a good year.  Thank you 2007, and we welcome 2008.  Let’s hope this year is also looking bright!  Take good care of our Earth, and world peace 🙂
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