Pondering life…

28 Dec

After a week-long extreme and usual weather in Vancouver, I finally have the chance to work on my side job.  Before this, it was a good 3-day break.  Despite the snow on the ground, I was able to get around without too much trouble.  I actually appreciate the opportunity to fine-tune my driving skills, because sometimes, I think, you need something to remind you that, driving is a privilege, something you have to take a lot of responsibility for.

Anyway, a lot of things happened in the past few days, and they have made me wonder how to live everyday to its fullest so as not to waste what you have been given in this world.  I guess there is no strict right or wrong answer, while at the same time, almost everyone thinks that being with the loved ones, whether they are families or friends.  It’s very easy to forget about what we already have when there is a huge price war and all we can think about is what we do not have.

Treasure what we have, because we are already lucky to have them.

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Posted by on December 28, 2008 in life


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