The Canada Line is awesome! Waterfront to Richmond in 15 minutes!

19 Aug

Today I had a chance to take the new Canada Line.  It was first open on Monday, Aug 17th, 2009.  The latest addition to the Greater Vancouver transportation system was put into public service three months earlier than scheduled.  Costing $2 billion (Cdn) to build, the Canada Line (aka the RAV Line – Richmond-Airport-Vancouver) links the three areas with faster and more reliable service, in an effort to reduce traffice congestion as well as pollution.

I timed the trip.  From Waterfront to Bridgeport, it took me 15 minutes.  In fact, the whole trip takes only 25 minutes from Waterfront to Richmond-Brighouse.  The transfer to the Airport happens at the Bridgeport Station.  Otherwise, the train will keep travelling south along No. 3 Road in Richmond until it arrives at the destination Richmond-Brighouse.  A total of 16 stations are on the Canada Line path: Waterfront, Vancouver City Centre (where connections can be made to the Expo/Millennium Lines), Yaletown-Roundhouse, Olympic Village, Broadway-City Hall, King Edward, Oakridge-41st Avenue, Langara-49th Avenue, Marine Drive, Bridgeport, Aberdeen, Lansdowne, Richmond-Birghouse, and three stations on the way to the airport in Templeton, Sea Island Centre, and YVR-Airport.

Also different is the payment method – the Canada Line has ticketing machines that accept not only cash, but also debit and credit card transactions.  Fares are paid accordingly to zones travelled, same as the existing fares.

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One response to “The Canada Line is awesome! Waterfront to Richmond in 15 minutes!

  1. Anita

    August 21, 2009 at 12:15 pm

    Wow, a very clear description on travelling with Canada Line! GOOD JOB, bro. ^_^



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