Interac’s armoured truck delivers security chip message

14 Mar
Interac’s armoured truck delivers security chip message

January 21, 2009   |   By Kristin Laird




Interac is trucking along with a national television commercial promoting a new security chip feature intended to combat debit card fraud and the production of counterfeit cards.

The debit card service provider has brought back its miniature yellow armoured truck—which the company first introduced in a brand campaign last year—to deliver the message that “your money is always with you and safe and secure,” said Nicky Cameron, Interac’s vice-president marketing and communications.

“That icon is so perfect in terms of the representation of the brand,” she said. “It clearly says money, it says security… it’s got such a realistic look, yet it’s got this warm personality, which is what the brand is all about.”

Launched earlier this month, the 30-second commercial from Agency 59 shows a man leaving work with his wallet in hand, followed closely by the Interac truck. As he walks through the streets, the truck is never far behind, dodging larger trucks and avoiding a run-in with a street cleaner. Truck in tow, the man arrives at a restaurant where he’s greeted by a table of friends.

“As this little truck makes its way through all the challenges, it just reinforces the strength of the chip, and that it’s the new added layer of security,” said Cameron.

“If you look at the icon of this truck, it says safety and security without even having to say anything, so it’s the perfect fit for launching the chip technology.”

The chip processes data more securely than the magnetic strip currently on cards. Each chip contains data that is unique to the user’s financial institution, which makes it much harder to copy. Magnetic stripe transactions won’t be accepted at ABMs after 2012 and at store terminals after 2015.

Trade ads and a retail program that includes check-out dividers, digital ads and floor decals also promote the chip technology.

The first flight wraps up next month, returning to air later this year. Agency 59 also handled the buy.

Originally published in Marketing Magazine, January 2009

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