Victoria bound – May 20th, 2011

20 May
Victoria bound – May 20th, 2011

With the forecast clear and the sun coming out, we met at Rideaway Motors to start our little getaway trip to Victoria.  From left to right: Kymco Heroism 150, Kymco Frost 200i, Suzuki Bandit 400, Kymco Bet & Win 250, Kymco Xciting 500 Ri.

Getting ready for the ride

After a thirty-minute ride on Highway 99 and Highway 17, we arrived at the ferry terminal.  We were waiting for the 9:00am sailing.

It was my first time taking the scooter on to the ferry, so I was excited and curious as to how the scooters would be parked on a moving vessel.  My worry was short-lived, as there was instructions posted on the side:

You, Your Motorcycle, and BC Ferries

And this is how you park the scooter on the ferry:

Parking on the BC Ferries

After a 1 1/2 hour ferry ride, we arrived at the Swartz Bay terminal for disembark.  It’s now official: I am on my first-ever scooter trip on Vancouver Island.  It will be interesting and exciting.  I first go to the hotel I am staying at: Huntington Manor.
2011-05-20 11.51.16

2011-05-20 19.41.07

It is a huge room, and with a little kitchenette as well. Dishes and eating utensils are available as well.

2011-05-20 19.43.23

After settling in, we head out for lunch. Since we are out-of-towners, our leader bobskoot decides to leave the eating experience to the fate and will take the place where most people eat. Luckily for us, there is one nearby:

2011-05-20 12.32.50

This is bobskoot’s faithful Suzuki SV650, along side Kymco’s Frost 200i and Downtown 300i:

2011-05-20 12.36.06

And then, there’s biggs’ Xciting 500Ri, me!’s Suzuki Bandit 400, and geoff’s Bet & Win 250.

2011-05-20 12.37.52

Upon seeing the menu, I can see that my name has been deliciously abused:

2011-05-20 12.40.33

Hungry as we all are, we quickly order our meals – mine is Mahi-Mahi Burger – wonderful!

2011-05-20 13.12.40

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