Granville Island – 20110724

25 Jul

On this beautiful Sunday morning, my wife and I again decided to go to Granville Island, this time to grab some much-needed breakfast for ourselves:

Ok, so maybe not exactly for her, but we had to eat something.  I grabbed the almond crossiant, while my wife chose the fresh fruit crossiant.

After the breakfast, we walked around the market, and we headed to The Loft, the one area we frequent the most:

There is a bookstore, a sunglass shop, bead store, and Paper-Ya, the store that sells high-quality paper-related products.  I also like the wooden structure of the whole building; it just gives out that old, antiquy feeling.

In the afternoon, the sunshine continued, and I thought it would be perfect to wash my car.  It would actually be the first time I washed my car in a year.  Most of the time I just took to Easywash to get him a quick shower.

30 minutes later, and the result looked good.  No wax, just the Armour All car wash soap, and a good microfibre cloth.

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