Taking the Seabus

05 Aug

Taking public transit has always been a challenge in Vancouver.  People often feel uneasy about the public transportation, citing less-than-desired frequency services, crowdiness, and the inconvenience of the service routes.

Personally, I do think the Translink-governed transportation system needs lot of improvement.  The ticketing system reform is needed to better collecting the fares from the users.

This is the view of the Lonsdale Quay bus loop:

Lonsdale Quay Bus Loop

Lonsdale Quay Bus Loop

 This is the entrace to the Seabus.  There is a digital timer above showing the remaining amount of time the seabus arrives:

Seabus Entrance

This is the view of the downtown skyline:

Downtown Skyline

Lonsdale Quay Market:

A cruise ship docking at Five Sails:

The Pan Pacific Five Sails, often the destination for cruise ships:

The overpass connects the seabus terminal and the skytrain Waterfront Station:

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