Dundarave – 20110810

11 Aug
Dundarave – 20110810

 On a cloudy but breezy Wednesday morning, after my another dentist appointment in as many as two weeks, I took a little stroll in Dundarave, which I used to live close by.

Dundarave Pier

It is the neighbourhood that I first lived in when I first came to Vancouver.  All my homestays and schools were here in West Vancouver, and the environment is very calm.  Definitely the place to raise a family and enjoy the nature.

 The Beach House Restaurant is another fabulous restaurant to stop by and enjoy the food.  It offers the regular lunch and dinner, and on weekends, brunch.  It also has outside patio, and, on those breezy autumn evenings, heaters to provide warmth while enjoying the perfect pair of wine and meal.

Beach House

The German Friendship Globe is another stunning piece being showcased.  Made in Germany, it weighs 2.5 tonnes and is engineered to float precisely on a thin film of water.  The globe was weighted down at the South Pole and tilted 23.5 degrees to the sun.  It rotates around the Earth’s axis and points north towards the North Star.

German Friendship Globe

Dundarave Beach

You can also see the shoreline all the way to Lions Gate Bridge and Stanley Park (at the time picture was taken, it was a low tide):

A View of Stanley Park and Lions Gate Bridge

Dundarave Village is the area in the 2400-block on Marine Drive in West Vancouver.  There are specialty shops, restaurants, supermarkets.  After a cup of coffee or a dinner at a local pub or the restaurant, take a walk around the neighbourhood to see some of the old and new houses, or simply take a leisure walk along the seawall.

A Seaside Retreat


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2 responses to “Dundarave – 20110810

  1. Dar

    August 18, 2011 at 10:36 am

    These arenawesome pictures!!!


    • Dar

      August 18, 2011 at 10:37 am

      Should be “are awesome pictures”. Typing too fast for iPad keyboard. UGH!



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