West 4th/Fairview/Granville Island

17 Aug

A sunny and breezy Tuesday afternoon, I wandered West 4th Avenue area.

West 4th Avenue (b/w Burrard/Fir), looking east


Kiwi Collection

As I walked towards the Granville Island via West 2nd, I entered the Fairview neighbourhood.  All of a sudden, the view of flowing water from the top of the ceiling from a nearby space attracted my attention:

The Waterfall Building

It is appropriately named The Waterfall Building.  It was designed back in 1996 with Nick Milkovich Architects, and the concrete and glass structure allows the artists to occupy and use these units to combine living and work space.

The Waterfall Building

This is a small Japanese store just beside the waterfall.  Named SAWA Tea Lounge & Gallery, they carry organic food ingredients that turn into nutritious and delicious food.  I was not able to experience this time, but I will make it soon.

I was going to go in and walked around the Island.  However, I didn’t have enough time, and it would take at least an hour for me to fully explore the shops.  With the time of the day and the crowd that might be there, it would just be too much to plow through the traffic, both people and vehicular.  On second thought, I just took this photo, and considered myself “been here, done that.”

Granville Island Entrance

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