Speedi Lunch – 20110828

30 Aug

People in Vancouver love sunshine.  Perhaps it’s becuase of deprivation of the rays that we constantly complain about the often shortlived summer season.  Today my wife has to work, and I take the liberty of getting our lunch from a nearby sushi place.  At the same time, I can get some vitamin D.

Pine Street / 5h Avenue in Vancouver

  It is Sunday, so hardly any moving vehicle in sight.  There is sometimes a few bikes coming up and down on the street, but for the most part, it is a calm walk.  I also notice perhaps a jet flying at such a high altitude that all the smoke has become visible from mixing with the cold air.

Smoke across the sky

Walking back, I am treated with another spectacular view, this time towards the North Shore mountains:

Pine Street looking north towards the North Shore

 Time to eat!

Oyako Don & Sushi Rolls (California/Evergreen)


Sushi Rolls (California/Evergreen)

Oyako Don

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