Scooter Ride – 20110904

06 Sep

Vancouver has been blessed with gorgeous weather for the last couple of weeks, with the temperatures ranging between 18 – 28 degrees celsius. With this being the last summer long weekend, we decide to go for a group ride, meeting at Rideaway Motors:


This time, we have a larger group of riders, and we are to join the Royal Canadian Motorscooter Portage 2011 for some inner city riding. We all park our scooters at the designated spot, and we patiently await the ride.

We are to meet at the corner of Cambie Street and Cordova Street, and there is already a huge crowd there. I think there are about 100 scooters there. I don’t have the picture of the whole parade of scooters, mainly because I have seen most of them, and most of them are vintage scooters. I take this picture, because in the background there is the newly erected “W” (stands for Woodward) signage, and in the middle there is the old “W” sign from the demolition.

I also happen to catch this photo, where a father take his young son for some early scooter immersion:

However, the awkward moment is when the dad unbuckles, the kid actually falls to the ground! That just shows you the utmost importance of wearing helmets!

An vintage Triumph scooter is located injured on the back of a truck.

So the ride finally starts at 1:30pm, an half hour delay from the original itinerary. After a seemingly-endless 30-minute ride, we arrive at the halfway stop, the Greystone Shopping Centre:

After a 15-minute rest, we head out again to the final stop at Warner Loat Park. It’s a fairly secluded area and a nice park to explore.  Although after a brief walk around, I discover this sign

That is more than enough to send us back on the road again. This time, we vote to get something to eat, so the whole gang rides to Lougheed Mall and grab some much-needed fuel, wrapping up on what is a great day, great ride, with great company.

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