Internet & Social Media

04 Jan

Nowadays, internet is not just something that you need only when you need it; it’s a necessity, something that you need to have regardless whether you will use it or not.

It’s a great invention. The idea of being able to access vast amount of information in a click (or a swipe/touch) seems logical and normal in this time of technological advances.  It provides a sense of security and comfort knowing you can have that knowledge at your reach in less a time you can finish a cup of coffee at Second Cup.

I was walking with my wife the other day in the mall, when we saw a couple sitting on the sofa. The guy was sitting on one end and the gal was sitting on the other end. They were out in the mall, in the real world, but decided it was more fun and exciting texting and browsing, posting IMs from their smartphones.

I thought to myself, “Whatever happen to a simple phone call?” A few times we have been joking that to get a hold of a kid these days, texting would yield a much faster response than calling.

Anyways, enough about how people use internet in their own ways.

The explosive growth of social media, ie Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, really aim at connecting people together through the constant sharing of personal status to the outside world.  The sharing is instant and available to anyone who wants to be a part of the update.  Be aware, though, that anything put out on the internet is out there forever.

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