Consumer Be Aware

11 Jan

Buying groceries is not the same job it used to be. Sure you still have to know what you want to buy, but you can buy them at a local supermarket, a corner store, at a weekend farmers’ market, or even online. Regardless how you buy, at the end payment is required.

Last night I went to the supermarket nearby my place, wanting to buy some ingredients to cook curry. After a few trips up and down the aisles, potatoes, carrots, onion, chicken thighs, and I picked up the curry paste.


I headed to the self check-out, and started scanning the items one by one.  When I scanned the first curry paste, it read $3.59.  I thought to myself perhaps I read the price wrong or they had a special when buying more than one, so I scanned the second one.  It was still $3.59.

Now I was puzzled.  I settled the bill, and I went back to the aisle to confirm again and took a photo.  I went to the customer service counter and informed them about this mistake.  She looked at my receipt and the photo in my phone for twenty seconds, yes for that long, and then told me she had to ask for help.

I have no problem with asking for help, because mistakes happen and half of the time, it’s not our own fault.  But taking twenty seconds on something I think was obvious was even long.  Anyways, a guy came and instructed her the steps, and two minutes later, I had my $0.20 refund.

They might feel it was a moo point to get such a small refund, but I felt I was entitled to that because of a mistake in advertised price.  My point?  Check the price carefully.

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