Family Dinner – 20120126

27 Jan

Another family dinner gathering.  My sisters and my parents come all the way from Richmond, and we are celebrating a ceremony (early) for my daughter known as “Retreating saliva.”  Note: Pardon the translation; it’s from Taiwan, and we are to hang some cookies or bread using a red string and put it around the baby’s neck.  Then each person takes a piece of the bread and dips a bit of the baby’s drool and eats it.  Tradition has it that by doing this, the drooling is to be gradually stopped.

Before doing that, we need to fill ourselves up first.  My sister is cooking the rice cake:


Cut them into pieces, soak them in beaten eggs and pan fried them.  Yummy~

Soup – Corn, carrots, mushroom, needle mushroom, and pig blood cake


Mixed Platter – Hand-shredded Chicken, Roasted Port, Beef Tongue, and Pork Tongue


Steamed Veggie


Fried Fish


MaPo Tofu – My favourite~  Yum~


Tomato w/ Scrambled Eggs




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2 responses to “Family Dinner – 20120126

  1. bobskoot

    January 30, 2012 at 2:47 pm


    I love ToFu, not so sure about the MaPo though, maybe too spicy for me. You can have my portion of drool. I also like the looks of that next dish too, looks like tomato with scrambled eggs, wouldn’t you know, every photo has a description of what it is, except THAT ONE.

    what do you mean “all the way from Richmond”. I travel from Coquitlam to Vancouver twice a day, it’s not that far. If there’s a free meal, I can get to North Vancouver very fast . . .

    Riding the Wet Coast


    • Ben

      January 30, 2012 at 3:38 pm

      Thanks Bob. I know you love tofu, and I specifically put that photo there to get your attention. Yes, that was tomato w/ scrambled eggs. I was thinking a more poetic name for that dish, but I guess the simpler the better.

      “All the way from Richmond” – becuase we all used to live on the North Shore, and now they live in Richmond, so to visit me, they will have to travel this distance. Perhaps in the summer time, we will have group rides again, and we can set up a rendezvous on the North Shore.

      Thank you for checking my blog.



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