Being ill

17 Apr

It has been a while since my last post in early April.  The main reason is that I got sick after my three-week trip back to Taiwan.  Somehow this time I managed to get pneumonia.  Yap, it’s that serious.  I was cold, having fever between 38.4 – 39.4 degrees Celsius, and just not feeling well.  At first we thought it was just the common cold or flu, but a late night visit to the hospital emergency room was followed by a chest X-ray that discovered shadow in my lung.

That was scary, really.  Never in my life would I thought myself getting pneumonia, and after some research, I find out that this was, and still is to some vulnerable individuals, a serious and sometimes fatal condition.  Thanks to the advances in medicine, there is now effective treatment.  The whole treatment cycle with antibiotics is seven days.

The last few years I have been prone to illness, be it as small as a common cold, or as big as pneumonia.  I think I really should start exercise more and strengthen my immune system.

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