Sticky Buddy – Review

04 Jul
Sticky Buddy – Review

I have to admit, I do watch these infomercials from time to time, not because I get sleepless, but because it is an excellent way to see what interesting products people have come up with.  Some are pure non-sense, while others do make you wonder if the products have indeed the same prowess and/or effectiveness as the ad claims.

Well, the title gives away, and yes, I am writing about the Sticky Buddy.  I believe many people have seen the infomercial, and some may also have bought it or are on the fence.  Bought it on Sunday, and used it on our carpet.



The brush really, really does the trick.  It picks up stuff that you thought were picked up by vacuuming – dust.  How do you know?  Well, we did vacuum first, and then we used the Sticky Buddy to brush the carpet and saw more lint and dirt being swept up.


Another plus is cost.  I buy one set of two lint rolls and it’s $6.98.  This one I bought from BBB is $14.99 plus tax.  Let’s face it, the lint roller is never going to clean as much and as clean as the Sticky Buddy.  It also eases the pressure on the environment by reusing the roller, instead of changing four or five times before finishing the task.


Well, I cannot find any cons, except the fact that it is small and probably would be less pressure on the back/knee if a longer handle was available.  Then again, keeping the carpet/home/car clean is a labour-intensive chore.

Overall – Both my wife and I are very impressed with the product.  Try it if you are still on the fence or want to prove it wrong.    Either way, it’s not expensive to do an experiment.

Keep it clean folks!

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One response to “Sticky Buddy – Review

  1. Cindy

    July 11, 2012 at 6:55 am

    There is one available where the roller is 8 inches wide and comes on a 36″ extention pole.Obviously beter for carpet, bedding, larger areas…. Its available from the inventor of the item at his website.



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