Granville Island on Rainy Sunday

05 Nov

Vancouver has received lots of rain for the past week or so, so much that some of the streets are actually flooded due to the amount of rain and the drains/sewage are clogged with leaves.

It is somewhat my Sunday ritual to hang out with my family, and by that I mean just us, not with friends or at work to make up lost hours.  Today we go to Granville Island.


There are nice condos in this area, mainly because of the location which is close to everything Vancouver has to offer.  We walk by this beautiful and tranquil little pond.

I love strolling at Granville Island.  It has practically everything, from fresh produce, flowers, local crafts, theatrics, nice restaurants, and even a hotel.  Come here and watch the people walking around, be it picking the freshest fruits or vegetable, enjoy a quick bite at a deli stand, or simply sipping a cup of coffee and sitting at the dock.  It is all good.

We are no different.  Besides produces, we love the bakeries.  You can find some unique selection of bread that normally you don’t find elsewhere.  We went to one of them this morning, but for some reason it was closed.


We did find its stand just inside the entrance at the market.  Nonetheless, we didn’t find anything that we wanted, so we headed for another bakery.


Picked up the rosemary and pumpkin seed.  Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside.

The rain started to increase in intensity, just in time for us to leave.

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