Regret? What Regret?

28 Feb

Ever since becoming parents, I feel like my wife and I have grown a lot in terms of mentality and how we prioritize our life.

For the past couple weeks, it has been somewhat hectic, as our daughter has been fighting bronchitis/pneumonia and has had her share of medical visits, including a couple of nights at the hospital   We also stayed with her at the hospital, monitoring her every progress and giving her strength and support.

You lose your toughness when you see a child has to take IV and undergo tests to make sure everything is okay and the overall health is back on track.

On the other hand, you see the resilience in life and how things keep getting better.

My wife asked me from time to time, “So, do you regret having a child?”  My answer has always been the same, “No.”  Might I add that she is a great mom, and she is perfectly comfortable in having a growing family.  It is one of the few, if not the best, rewarding event in life.

Regret?  What regret?

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