Working without phones, literally

06 Aug

First day back from the long weekend (BC Day).

I come across an article Disconnecting from technology is liberating in Vancouver Sun, and it’s a topic I have read a few times on how we can better utilize the technology to our benefits so that we do not become a slave to all the electronic devices.

Guess what, after I read it, the phones in my company go offline.  Zip.  Nada.  Total blank.  Nothing.

Talking about disconnecting.

Within a few minutes, all I can see in the hallway are people on their cell phones, calling the customers, talking to the phone company, doing whatever it takes to get the phone service back to normal.  I understand that we are in a world where we prefer to have everything working properly, and let’s be honest, we are working and customers need to be looked after.

The article goes on to talk about the author’s brilliant and brave attempt to disconnect himself from the technological world step by step, from turning off the TV for a week, then web surfing, then phones and emails, then phones.  Although inconvenient at first, disconnecting from technology makes reconnecting to the real world and real people possible.

A simple banking transaction that takes less than a minute on the internet now becomes a physical activity – getting to the bank, waiting in line, talking to the cashier, then getting a stamp of approval.  Wait, isn’t this how we used to do banking?

Holding a real book.  Wow, a book has weight?  Not the weight of the tablet/smartphone anymore.  The real book, a 450-page publication that requires the mind to be focused and the fingers flipping the pages.  The added touch?  The hard cover that seems to add a few more pounds to the book.

Advances in technology has improved dramatically to make daily life simpler, but at times we forget we achieve more by having less.

A feat that I adore, admire, and aiming to try.  Hats off to Mr. Kelly.

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