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Connecting near and far

Between the south Vancouver and the north Richmond lies the Fraser River.


The left is the newly built Canada Line, built and put to use for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.  To the right is the Oak Street Bridge.

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Haircut at Muse Hair Salon

It’s been two months since my last haircut, and I finally had some time this weekend to make an appointment.  The problem is, I don’t know where to go.

After some long research on the internet and reading tons of reviews, I decided to give Muse a try.

I was lucky and happy that it worked out.

I called in the afternoon, and fortunately for me, there was a five o’clock space, so I took it.

Upon arrival, I was greet ed by the reception, and then led by my stylist Kazue.  She was courteous and smiling.  She asked how I wanted my haircut to look like, and I just pointed to a picture in a magazine in front of me, and she understood right away.

We chatted.  She is from Japan, and has been in Vancouver for about six years. I also learned that the owner is Taiwanese.

Kazue started by washing the hair.  The washing station was dimmed, and the chair was almost flat that it was very relaxing and comfortable.  There was also an ottoman to put the feet up.

Next, the actual haircut.  She was meticulously careful, and checking multiple times the accuracy before moving into the next cut.  After the cut was done, there was another wash.  This time, it was conditioner, and the much anticipated scale massage.

The whole haircut took about 45 minutes, and I was satisfied.  I would definitely go back again.

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Burrard Street Bridge

Burrard Street Bridge

Burrard Street Bridge

This past Sunday, riding another hot spell and sunny weather, we headed to one of our favourite local attractions, Granville Island.

This was taken on the deck outside the food court area.

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Temper Chocolate & Pastry



Different colours & sizes of chocolate designs are available.


It was quite late when we got there, about 45 min before closing, so the goodies were almost gone.


This is one of my favourites – Passion Fruit cake.


I think this is called Dark Chocolate Gateux.


Vanilla & Caramel – Yum~


Hazelnut cake


Visited on 2014-07-20


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Whistler Daytrip by Rocky Mountaineer – Part 2


I took some photos which might not have been possible otherwise travelled by car.

Capilano River

Capilano River

The Chief

The Chief

This is The Chief, a famous local attraction and lots of people hike/climb, admiring its beauty and presence.


The Chief

The Chief

Here is the Cheakamus Canyon

Cheakamus Canyon

Cheakamus Canyon

Cheakamus Canyon

Cheakamus Canyon

As mentioned, three hours later, we arrived at Whistler.  It was raining too.


Beautiful raindrops sitting on the leaves, and the rain cleaning the air leaving a refreshing scent.

We didn’t really have a plan once we arrived in Whistler, until we saw this

Lost Lake Shuttle - it's free~

Lost Lake Shuttle – it’s free~

Yes, free shuttle service, a rare sight for most BC residents.  We checked with the bus driver, who was very kind, outgoing, and yes, it was a free service.  He also jokingly said that he might not be able to find the way, as he might be “lost.”  It was about a five minute ride, and then we arrived at Lost Lake.





It was breezy and warm, add family, and you have a memorable trip.

Soon it was time to say goodbye and make our way back home.

On the way home (on the train), these sceneries were captured:




Stanley Park & Lions Gate Bridge

Stanley Park & Lions Gate Bridge

This concluded our little one-day trip to Whistler by train.  Unforgettable experience, and we were all very fortunate enough to be able to see things from a different angle.  Special thanks to our conductor David, who provided excellent service and detailed storytelling during the trip.

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Whistler Daytrip by Rocky Mountaineer – Part 1

The day started cloudy and damp, and it was raining the night before.  Nonetheless, we booked this one-day, round trip to Whistler on board the famous Rocky Mountaineer.  The route we travelled on is named the Sea to Sky Climb.  More on the name later.

So we gathered at the North Vancouver train station at 7:30 in the morning.  The sun was poking through, and people started to gather, waiting to be boarded.

Rocky Mountaineer North Vancouver Train Station

Rocky Mountaineer North Vancouver Train Station


The train started rolling at approximately 8:00am and we were all very excited about this adventure.


Due to the protocol (speed limit), the train could only travel at 40 km/h (25 mi/h), and as a result, a normal 90-min trip by car from North Van to Whistler took an amazing three hours.  Talking about getting my money worth on the train.




Now, the Sea to Sky Climb.

It is named because from approx Squamish to Whistler, the elevation increases by 700 meters, roughly the same height as The Chief (Stawamus Chief to be more official).  That is quite a climb.


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