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再難, 也要正面思考

這一個星期, 發生了好多事, 先是小藍車在公司停車場被撞, 接著老婆去做超音波產檢, 卻被留院觀察, 而在一星期的最後一個工作天, 在工作上卻諸事不順, 下了班, 又發現安親班的處事方式有待加強,想要正面思考, 似乎是不太可能…


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Sitting by the Window

Sitting by the Window

Sitting by the window, she stares at the grey sky outside, with a cup of Earl Grey in her hands.  The steam from the tea quietly fogs up the window in front of her.  All of the sudden, a raindrop sticks to the window in front of her.  Then the second one, third one…  one after one, the raindrop quickly becomes shower, and then a downpour.  The dry streets have now changed colour because of the wetness.  The people on the street, once walking calmly, now run for cover.  The neighbours, who are hanging their laundry outside, now scramble to retreat the clothes.  The plants, whose soil begins to dry up, now get a much-needed relief from nature.  The whole world seems somehow more energetic when the rain falls.  It seems that she is the only one in stationary.

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Sipping Taste

Sitting in a dimly-lit coffee shop, sipping the just-brewed coffee.  The dark wood smell combined with the coffee aroma make this Saturday morning a nostalgic one.

The man asks the woman, “How do you like the coffee?”  “What does it taste like?”

“Bitter, but sweet,” says the woman.  “I think it is sweet that I can taste the bitterness in the coffee.  It does not mean that the coffee tastes horrible; it’s just a different taste.”

It is important to be able to experience all the different tastes.  Bitter, sour, salty, sweet – they are all part of life, and without one another, life is not completed.

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