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Perfect Background


It has been sunny for about a week now in Vancouver, with temperatures hovering between 23 – 29 degrees Celsius (28-33 if factored in humidex).

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Everyday is like yesterday, full of history.

Everyday is like today, full of opportunities.

Everyday is like tomorrow, full of hope.

Everyday is your day.  Make it count.

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I love movies.  I have been fortunate enough that I have been around movies all my life.  I admit that I don’t know ALL the actors/actresses, nor do I watch ET (now that’s Entertainment Tonight, not the famous Spielberg movie) religiously, but I do follow on the movie trends and most of the related headlines.

I first started watching movies when I was 12 years old, and the ones I have the memory of include Robin Hood (the one by Kevin Costner), Bodyguard, Backdraft, Ghost, even Dumb and Dumber (yes, yes,  I know~).

And of course, that’s just the beginning.

The more movies I watch, the more I enjoy them.  Every movie is unique, is different, and most importantly, has something you can take away from.  Being more courageous, being more thoughtful, living life with more passion, eating that garden salad with a newfound aspect for life…

My mom says, “A movie is a story either that has happened before, is happening now, or will be happening in the future.”

True words, in a simple statement.  I hold them dearly each and every time I watch movies.

Each of us lives out of a movie.  We direct it, and we are the leading actors/actresses.

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Home vs House

Watching re-runs on TV is one of my favourites.  You get to know how people talked, how people dressed, and what people were talking about at that time, or collectively, what was trending at that time.

So I am watching The New Adventures of Old Christine, an episode in which Christine tries to compete with her ex-husband for the affection of their son.  She thinks that she is being overshadowed by the paternal love and how the son seems to enjoy all the fun offered by his father.  Towards the end when the two finally have a chance to sit down and talk, Richard asks Christine if she knows that their son calls his place “the fun house,” but calls her place “home.”

Home, sweet home.  It is a place where it is not just a house, it’s a place you feel comfortable, a place you share with your family, a place you create memories, a place you can call your own.

Wishing everyone has a sweet home.

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Regret? What Regret?

Ever since becoming parents, I feel like my wife and I have grown a lot in terms of mentality and how we prioritize our life.

For the past couple weeks, it has been somewhat hectic, as our daughter has been fighting bronchitis/pneumonia and has had her share of medical visits, including a couple of nights at the hospital   We also stayed with her at the hospital, monitoring her every progress and giving her strength and support.

You lose your toughness when you see a child has to take IV and undergo tests to make sure everything is okay and the overall health is back on track.

On the other hand, you see the resilience in life and how things keep getting better.

My wife asked me from time to time, “So, do you regret having a child?”  My answer has always been the same, “No.”  Might I add that she is a great mom, and she is perfectly comfortable in having a growing family.  It is one of the few, if not the best, rewarding event in life.

Regret?  What regret?

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