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Sasamat Lake, Belcarra Park

Over the Good Friday weekend, I was at Belcarra Regional Park with family doing a little picnic.  After that, we went for a short walk around the Sasamat Lake.  Breathtaking views.



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Belcarra Park – 20120903

Belcarra Park – 20120903

Taking advantage – and chances – with the Vancouver weather forecast, we and some friends decided to go for a BBQ/picnic at the Belcarra Park in Port Moody.  The weather was not looking very promising in the morning, although it was not raining.

We wanted to set up slowly so that by the time everyone arrived, we could start cooking and eat in less time.  Here we set up the coal with some dry grass to use as kindle.

in preparation

The fire started less in 30 seconds.

we've got fire

we’ve got fire

It was starting to get warm, even without the fire.  The temperature called between 18 – 22, but it felt to be about 26.


Gorgeous harbour/inlet view of the neighbouring shoreline.


Below is a panoramaic view down at the pier.  It’s not that visible from the photo, but there were lots of people there fishing.

panoramaic view

The surrounding neighourhood is quite nice actually.  Calm streets, fantastic looking houses with fantastic view to embrace everyday.


The sun was out by 12 noon, and it was a great day to get some much-needed vitamin D to stay healthy and sanitize myself and get rid of the cold/flu I have been having for the past few months.


Another day to be appreciative and grateful to be enjoying life.


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