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A 6.4 Earthquake – 20110909

While sitting in front of the computer, headset on, on the phone with my wife, I felt a small movement. It felt like on a rocking chair, but a sideway movement. It took me two seconds to confirm and yelled out “earthquake!” in the office.

A panic mode sets in, and surprisingly, most people in the office did not feel it. 20 minutes later, various reports started to surface. It was a 6.4 (originally measured at 6.7) magnitude earthquake, off the west coast of Vancouver Island, roughly 270 km away from Vancouver, 135 km south of Port Hardy. The depth was 25.4 km, and it happened at 12:41PST.

See link from USGS:

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Japan Earthquake

March 11, 2011

It’s a sad day for Japan, as a 8.9-magnitude earthquake shook the Sendai region, triggering an estimated 10-metre tsunami for the area and the Pacific Ocean-bound regions.

The many photos online show the shear devastation the Power of Nature can exert on humans, no matter how much we think we can or have conquered our environment.  Humans and Nature must co-exist, peacefully.

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