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Snow – Unexpected

This morning, what appeared to be drizzle turned to light flurries and snow in a matter of minutes. The overnight rain, combined with the temperature drop, made roads and sidewalks slippery and a challenge to maneuver.

However, the unexpected weather condition made some view “ice-standing.”



Beautiful close-up of iced flakes left dangling on the grass.

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Snow in Vancouver

Vancouver is known for its wet coast style during the fall/winter months, but we do get our dump of snow from time to time.  Due to its geological location, the snow that comes to Vancouver is usually in the form of wet snow.

Nonetheless, the snow still creates a breathtaking photo.


The combination of wet snow, dropping temperature, low lights and sometimes fog and rain make winter driving a real challenge in Vancouver.  It sure does not help when almost everyone thinks he/she is a better driver than the others.


All I can say is, drive safe and be extremely careful on the roads.  Driving is a privilege, something to be responsible for, not just yourself, but others as well.

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Mont Tremblant, Quebec – 20081018

I have been on this vast land for almost 20 years, and surprisingly I have travelled only a few places. In October 2008, in a business opportunity, we finally had a chance to go east and immerse in a different environment in Quebec.



As mentioned, the time was October. On the west coast, the weather was relatively warm, cold at times, but never below zero temperatures. Landing at the Jean Lesage International Airport (Aeroport International Jean-Lesage de Quebec) would soon prove that it was colder. It was also different:


The Arrival Lobby

A retro shot at the luggage:


The time was about around dinner time when we arrived, so we thought we should visit a restaurant first to fuel up after a long flight.


It was a first dining experience in a French-like setting, so it was exciting. Needless to say, we could only have guessed what was on the menu. Nonetheless, we still ended up have a great dinner, leading off to a great start of this trip.




After another hour of driving, we arrived at our hotel, the Fairmont Tremblant. Situated in a rural area, it embraces the very natural beauty of the Canadian wild.



Fairmont Room

Fairmont Room 2

The next morning was a clear one, with plenty of blue sky and Canadian fall colours:

View from the room

View from the room 2

View from the room 3

We decided to head to the local supermarket to buy some bread and cookies. It was another 20 minutes driving from the hotel to the nearest supermarket.

A vast space...

And we saw this, a yellow-coloured broccoli, an exciting discovery:

Unh? Orange broccoli

More photos of the surrounding area, from the warm and comforting room:



After lunch, we thought it was a good idea to brave the cold while the sun was still out. There was a village nearby:

The Village

It’s a ski resort, so lots of amenities are close by, and it is designed to make everything accessible. Therefore, the whole area is sloped so people with strollers can move around easily, with side steps people can use when snowing. It also has a tram, taking visitors from bottom of the village to the top in about 15 minutes. It is slow, but the view is definitely worth it.

The tram




Amazing view

We also happen to catch two deers searching for food:

Two deers searching for food 1

Two deers searching for food 2

At the top:


875 meters later:



Most hotels offer mail services. They can actually delivery their mails for you, provided sufficient postage. This is antique-y looking:


Pardon the picture, but this is one expensive water bottle I have ever seen. I mean, it’s evian alright, but seriously?

A very expensive bottle of water... $8!

A proud Kymco UXV 500 on display, right in front of the hotel entrance:


An open area in the village, where people sit and enjoy (weather permitting, of course)



And now, how to make maple candy:


Outside decoration on the hotel itself:



The fun continues…

The next morning, we head out to the rural area, and we are going to do some real ATVing in the woods. Making things more interesting is the fact that it has been wet for the past few days, so the roads are also wet and muddy. This will create more demanding environments in which we test the vehicles.




There is even speed limit posted in the trail:


Overall, it was a fun and memorable trip. I am glad that I have had this chance to visit Quebec.

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Snow in Vancouver – 20120119


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Snow in Vancouver – 20120118


The road less travelled:


Group meeting



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BaoBao out in the Snow

BaoBao out in the Snow

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