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Traffic in Vancouver

Traffic in Vancouver

Here.  It is a sensitive and often well-discussed and opinionated topic.

There are lots and lots articles regarding this.  I came across this one in Vancouver Sun (online), titled Gas, grief or gridlock – we’re all paying for urban traffic congestion.

Traffic congestion is here to stay.  We keep building more roads to allow more vehicles to flow through, and people keep moving into the cities, while the transit fares remain unaffordably high.  There are many factors that contribute to one of the worst, if not the worst, traffic congested cities in Canada.

The people in BC are already paying more on everything than their Canadian counterparts, and they are paying more time sitting in the traffic.  On average people are spending 45 min to 1.5 hours in commute, and that’s more for rural commuters as they have fewer options to get to work/home.

At this time, the gas price sits at $1.38 at most Metro Vancouver gas stations.  However, over on the Island, it’s at least $0.10 less, which understandably begs the question “why.”

I am not a big fan of politics, but somehow everything revolves around it.

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Lonsdale Quay – Improvement?

Whether this will be completed on time remains a mystery…


Lonsdale Quay connects the North Shore people to the rest of the Greater Vancouver with seabus linking buses and skytrain.  It is one of the busiest stations during morning and afternoon commutes.


I think the fare system works most of the time because there is always checking, or at least standing, at the entrance to prevent free rides.  However, when I first arrived in Vancouver in the 90s, it was a “honour system,” meaning it was up to the self consciousness to pay to enjoy the transit service.  Wit the population growth Vancouver has experienced in revent decades, it’s only wiser to implement something like a faregate to make sure people pay for the service.

More positive changes soon, I hope…

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Transportation in Vancouver – A new tax for TransLink: What do you think?

I never like complex stuff and thus spend little to understand them.  I came across this article A new tax for TransLink: What do you think? in Vancouver Sun regarding the much-heated topic on transportation in Metro Vancouver.

The Vancouverites know it’s not pleasant to get around the city and surroundings.  Buses don’t come at frequent intervals enough, tolls are not acceptable and are taxing the poor, travelling is charged by zone rather than distance, pay parking is at a premium (street or parkade), and don’t even start on the ridiculous gas price, which can just jump 10% in two weeks.  Everything, and I do mean everything, is going UP – hydro bills, gas bills, MSP, ICBC rates, even your own phone bill and TV rates are increasing.

Hmmm, my salary jumps 6% (at best so far) in a year, and the government is saying that the inflation is under control.

 Anyway, I read the article, and I am surprised that the government wants to toll the roads and put more taxes on the average citizen ($1.60 avg/vehicle).  Other honourable mentions include:

 –          additional fuel tax

 –          new regional carbon tax

 –          property tax ($80 incr/hshd)

 –          new vehicle registration fee (flat fee/variable by emission/variable by proximity to transit)

–          benefiting area tax

–          regional sales tax

–          hotel tax ($10/room/night)

–          parking stall levy ($115/stall)

–          transit fare increases over/above the rate of inflation (33% suggested)

I think, instead of focusing on how much money/revenue can be raised in each and/or combination of these options, the government should focus on how affordability the transit really is in Metro Vancouver.  In a region like Vancouver, where population growth has been consistently increased for the past two or even three decades, and is expected to grow more, sensible and sustainable ideas must be explored in order for this area to remain livable.


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Taking the Seabus

Taking public transit has always been a challenge in Vancouver.  People often feel uneasy about the public transportation, citing less-than-desired frequency services, crowdiness, and the inconvenience of the service routes.

Personally, I do think the Translink-governed transportation system needs lot of improvement.  The ticketing system reform is needed to better collecting the fares from the users.

This is the view of the Lonsdale Quay bus loop:

Lonsdale Quay Bus Loop

Lonsdale Quay Bus Loop

 This is the entrace to the Seabus.  There is a digital timer above showing the remaining amount of time the seabus arrives:

Seabus Entrance

This is the view of the downtown skyline:

Downtown Skyline

Lonsdale Quay Market:

A cruise ship docking at Five Sails:

The Pan Pacific Five Sails, often the destination for cruise ships:

The overpass connects the seabus terminal and the skytrain Waterfront Station:

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