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Victoria Day Trip

Victoria Day Trip

A few relatives came visiting, so I figure it’s good to take them for a ferry ride to Vancouver Island and do some sightseeing in Victoria.  Our first stop was the University of Victoria.


Huge, mature pine trees all over the campus, and although the weather was not sunny, it did not stop us from exploring the campus.  I was here last time back in ’94 to take a SAT test, so my memory was very vague.  Luckily, it was a Sunday, so not many cars on the road, and I could drive slow and being a tour guide.  We also had a chance walking the campus.


Next stop – the newly constructed Uptown.  It is just besides Hwy 17 on the way to downtown Victoria.  My wife had a craving for cupcakes, and since we were following The Cupcake Girls, we know there is one Cupcakes store in Victoria.


We were the first customers.  We went in, grabbed a pack of 12 mini-cupcakes, and we left.  Sorry, no pictures on the cupcakes, as we devoured them in an unbelievably fast manner.

We then headed to downtown and do some tourists stuff, including the seawall walk.  I also took them to Mile Zero.


Here is an orca in the busy Victoria Harbour.


For lunch, we picked The Old Spaghetti Factory.


In-store decoration:


I can’t remember the last time I was eating here, perhaps it was 15 years ago at the Vancouver Gastown location.  Nonetheless, they still have tasty spaghetti.


They have lots books on the shelf.


We all ordered the entrée, as this gave you soup or salad, an entrée dish, ice cream, and tea or coffee, all for the price between $10 – $18 (pre-tax).

Minestrone Soup – very delicious.


The famous Spaghetti with Meatballs


Red Thai Curry Linguine with Prawns


Chicken Pesto Linguine


The weather suddenly changed for the worse, and it started pouring rain.  However, we were lucky that we did what we wanted to do.  A common vote had us hopping on the car and heading back to Vancouver.

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Victoria Scooter Ride – May 19th, 2012

Victoria Scooter Ride – May 19th, 2012

I mark that the starting of the May long weekend as the start of the riding season.  With that in mind, we plan this ride for almost two months now, and we finally get to get on the scooters and I get my first chance this season to get on the scoot.  Here is my previous post from last year. As always, our starting point:


Gathering at the ferry terminal, waiting to be boarded.

P1080736 P1080737

Good thing about taking the scooter (or any two-wheeler) is that there is no waiting time.  Usually we wait in front of the cars, and then when it comes to boarding, we are the first ones to be boarded.  In addition, the price is only half that to regular cars.

As it is an early morning ferry, we all need breakfast to further our early start. Coffee, eggs, and waffle are in order:


After a leisurely and enjoyable 40-minute ride, we arrive in Victoria:


Early riders get the best parking spots:


Another shot of the harbour.


There is the Visitor Centre where you can find information on local attractions and great restaurants.

We also meet a local rider Dar through our fellow rider bobskoot. She is kind enough to lead us on some amazing local ride routes, be it flat and enjoyable ones or the more challenging and twisty ones. After a good one-hour ride, we arrive at Esquimalt Lagoon. An absolute beautiful spot to rest.

P1080749 P1080750 P1080751 P1080752 P1080753

Lunch was served at a nearby A&W restaurant.


It is now 2:30 in the afternoon, well past the check-in time at our motel. We then take Highway 17 to head back to downtown Victoria to do just that. Scooters park right outside the room.

P1080756 P1080762

After napping for 30 minutes, we all again hit the road, this time Dar takes us through local streets and arrive at King George Terrace Lookout, another gorgeous viewpoint.


The next morning, which I thought we would be all knocked out from the early rise and all-day riding the day before, I find myself to be wide awake at 6:30. The Sunday morning street is quiet:


Breakfast at White Spot, eggs, sausage, brown toast, and smashed potatoes:


Very tasty. There is even coarse salt on top. The morning gang:


After breakfast, we pack our bags and, just in time, it starts to drizzle. Oh well, we already have a perfect ride. Back to Vancouver:

P1080778 P1080777

Next year…

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Sunny Saturday in Victoria

Sunny Saturday in Victoria

Summer officially starts with the May long weekend, and it is a great start. Getting up at 4:00am (yawn) in the morning and catching the 7am ferry. I ride with some friends, well about some 15 people, from Vancouver to Victoria to support a scooter rally.


A beautiful sunny day indeed, as the seagull stands tall and all happy (I think) on the top of the street light. After almost the entire day’s ride, we finally check in at our motel, Paul’s Motor Inn.


We ride a lot today, courtesy of a local scooter/motorcycle rider Dar. She takes us through residential traffic, coastal scenic routes, and the local twisties. Late night tea n donut fuel up. Another day tomorrow, and more pictures to follow.


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Victoria bound – May 20th, 2011

Victoria bound – May 20th, 2011

With the forecast clear and the sun coming out, we met at Rideaway Motors to start our little getaway trip to Victoria.  From left to right: Kymco Heroism 150, Kymco Frost 200i, Suzuki Bandit 400, Kymco Bet & Win 250, Kymco Xciting 500 Ri.

Getting ready for the ride

After a thirty-minute ride on Highway 99 and Highway 17, we arrived at the ferry terminal.  We were waiting for the 9:00am sailing.

It was my first time taking the scooter on to the ferry, so I was excited and curious as to how the scooters would be parked on a moving vessel.  My worry was short-lived, as there was instructions posted on the side:

You, Your Motorcycle, and BC Ferries

And this is how you park the scooter on the ferry:

Parking on the BC Ferries

After a 1 1/2 hour ferry ride, we arrived at the Swartz Bay terminal for disembark.  It’s now official: I am on my first-ever scooter trip on Vancouver Island.  It will be interesting and exciting.  I first go to the hotel I am staying at: Huntington Manor.
2011-05-20 11.51.16

2011-05-20 19.41.07

It is a huge room, and with a little kitchenette as well. Dishes and eating utensils are available as well.

2011-05-20 19.43.23

After settling in, we head out for lunch. Since we are out-of-towners, our leader bobskoot decides to leave the eating experience to the fate and will take the place where most people eat. Luckily for us, there is one nearby:

2011-05-20 12.32.50

This is bobskoot’s faithful Suzuki SV650, along side Kymco’s Frost 200i and Downtown 300i:

2011-05-20 12.36.06

And then, there’s biggs’ Xciting 500Ri, me!’s Suzuki Bandit 400, and geoff’s Bet & Win 250.

2011-05-20 12.37.52

Upon seeing the menu, I can see that my name has been deliciously abused:

2011-05-20 12.40.33

Hungry as we all are, we quickly order our meals – mine is Mahi-Mahi Burger – wonderful!

2011-05-20 13.12.40

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