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Back to the Future – With You in the Driver’s Seat

Every year, especially towards the end of the year and around Christmas time, there are many movies that are related to the holiday/Christmas theme or are simply old-time/all-time favourites. Besides the usual Home Alones and Miracle on 34th Street, I have a chance to relive one of my favourites – Back to the Future Trilogy. Starring Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd, this is very popular back in the 80s and 90s, and the concept of being able to travel through the time continuum using various elements – tracks, cars, lightning – have always fascinated me.

What about you? If you could travel back, or for the sake of plain fun, to the future, where/when would you go?

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A moment frozen in time, a time nothing seems more important than the time itself.  We take pictures because we treasure the moment and we want to preserve it for later savory and enjoyment.   It is a validation of our existence in this world, sharing with the people we love.

Find a photo taken recently.  Try to start a short story, fiction or non-fiction.  Will it be similar to the original, or can more refinement be added?

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Naturally Beautiful

Born into something so naturally beautiful.


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My Comfort Food

Definitely fried rice.

I am from Taiwan, and as most people know, it’s a place where food is more than just food, but rather it’s a trend, an innovation, an art.  Every time I go back, I have insatisable appetite because every food looks so tasty, and guess what, they are tasty.

Nonetheless, fried rice remains my favourite comfort food, if not THE comfort food.  It is a simple but sophisticated dish.  Ingredients can be varied. The dish’s success, however, depends on how it’s cooked.  


What is your comfort food?

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鮮艷的黃色 襯托出橘色的沉穩

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Everyday is like yesterday, full of history.

Everyday is like today, full of opportunities.

Everyday is like tomorrow, full of hope.

Everyday is your day.  Make it count.

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Busy Bee


A bee flying among flowers, playing his important role in connecting the food chain in the ecosystem.

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